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ActiveXperts Network Monitor VBScript integration

Monitor Windows using VBScript
    Figure 1: ActiveXperts Network Monitor VBScript Check

ActiveXperts solution to monitor Windows using VBScript

ActiveXperts Network Monitor provides a programming interface to IT administrators. VBScript is the standard scripting language in ActiveXperts Network Monitor product. VBScript is the most popular scripting language in Windows environments.

A VBScript check requires the following parameters:

  • File - Name of the VBScript file. The script should contain a function as specified in the Function name field. This function should return True (-1) on success, False (0) on error or Unknown (1) in case the results is not known;
  • Function - The function that should be called by ActiveXperts Network Monitor. This function should return True (-1) on success, False (0) on error or Unknown (1) in case the result is not known;
  • Parameter1 - 1st argument of the function;
  • Parameter2 - 2nd argument of the function;
  • Parameter3 - 3rd argument of the function;
  • Parameter4 - 4th argument of the function;
  • Parameter5 - 5th argument of the function;
  • Parameter6 - 6th argument of the function;
  • Advanced Settings:Timeout - You can specify a timeout for a VBScript check. If the script takes longer than the timeout (in seconds), the function is aborted and an 'Unknown' result is reported. By default, there's no timeout used;
  • Advanced Settings:Block script after a bad operation - If a script crashes, for instance because of bad programming, you can block the script so that it will be executed the next time. By default, this option is enabled.